As a brand/marketing strategist, I understand how to sell and market a complex product that becomes visible through the people it represents. During my 20-plus years of experience in higher education — one of the nation’s most complicated and competitive markets — I have created many identities, advertising campaigns and institutional brands.

I have received many awards from Addy’s, Telly, CASE, UCDA, Admissions Marketing Report, the Mead Top 60 and other national organizations. My work has been published in international and national publications.

My more than 20 national CASE awards encompass fundraising, student recruitment, annual reports, visual identities, advertising, web sites and periodicals. I have been a host judge and judge for the CASE Circle of Excellence competition since 1996.

Marketing strategist, consensus builder, experienced executive, team leader, team
builder, media advocate, creative thinker, visual strategist, advertising (concept to placement strategy), and reputation management/brand culure champion above all.

Brand Officer

Indiana University
Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry

Lead, develop and implement a first-time brand initiative for the eight campuses that comprise Indiana University

What do I do as the Brand Officer?

Empower climate: Foster new outlook viewing the organization as one whole.
Be accountable: No faceless bureaucracy.
• Be approachable: My philosophy is that the organization never sleeps so I am always
available to answer any questions that people have as we move the organization

As the Brand Officer I wear six hats:

1)    Champion: It’s my job to live and breathe the brand, its image, message and promise
and to make sure that it’s infused throughout the organizations culture
2)    Innovator: It’s my job to maintain the brand consistently and persistently, to analyze
it and help grow it as needed.
3)    Owner:  It’s my job to own the brand and ensure all initiatives reflect the brand.
4)    Protector and Visionary: It’s my job to steward the brand and protect its reputation
as I also assess strategic risks to take advantage of new opportunities.
5)    Motivator: It’s my job to live the brand and communicate its message and promise
externally to consumers and internally to employees. It’s my job to inspire employees
to live the brand to become strong brand champions.
6)    Partner, Mediator and Negotiator: It’s my job to work to align organization
initiatives and strategies to keep the brand promise alive and real.

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